Saturday, December 13, 2014

New studies require thinking


I have switched from Architecture for a time to study a Diploma in Business.  I am hoping this increases my employability in the short term.  The big city costs more and there are some great opportunities I want to take advantage of.

So I am reading on knowledge management for one of my first subjects and something flicked a switch.  The author of a reading asks what your company's core competency is.  It is noted that the reply would usually be a core product but that we need to think beyond a product to the company's actions and innovative abilities.

I realised that this relates to homeschooling in that we aren't trying to create a "product" that knows x, y and z but a student who has the abilities to find out x, y and maybe b or whatever their experience of life demands.  We want our students to be competent and to be innovative, not just a regurgitator of a particular piece of information.  We want them to be able to apply their knowledge and be able to gain more knowledge if necessary to meet their goals.

Anyway, significant to me, but maybe not you. :-)

Best wishes
Jen in Qld now

A Quote to Ponder

A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Sorting out a cleaning schedule

We have moved into our new house, been here just over 3 weeks, and I think it is time to create a cleaning schedule.

I first came across the idea of "zones" with FlyLady a very long time ago.  Her zones never suited my house so I learned to make my own.   Having just moved into a new house the old zones from a 100 year old house don't suit a modern home with a proper laundry and 3 bathrooms.  (Yes, a Proper Laundry and 3 bathrooms!)

I have taken my old schedule and tweaked it a bit.  It generally takes a good few hours and a bar or two of chocolate to sort it out, but it is so nice once done to have a plan.  And of course the motivation to get it done is high when you have just moved out of a house and noticed just how much dust there was on the tops of the books and how many cobwebs were hiding on walls where I couldn't reach them before.

My scribbles:

I have now created some lovely pages which I will print out and bind with my menu plans for a complete housekeeping book. 

I know there are prettier ones out there but I just wanted functional and easy to understand.  This will work quite well for me for 6 months when I will most likely decide to tweak it.

Now to finish those boxes, create a plan for the new homeschooling authority I need to work with, and figure out how I am going to get enough time to do Uni studies in 2 week's time.

Best wishes

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It is finally happening!

It has been a long 12 weeks but we have finally found a house, not easy when you live interstate and your husband is working so he can't take much time off to house hunt.

I think it will be good but it is hard to tell when all I have seen is videos and real estate photos.

Now to get on with the huge to do list.

Sometime after we settle I may update you all with my list of dos and don'ts for moving.  It has been a long time, over 7.5 years in fact, since we last moved but I am hoping I remember all the important bits.

Anyway, lots to do.  Hope everyone is keeping well.

And Jo, I will get to that filing, I promise!  Here is how it looks right now.

Yup, scary!!

Best wishes
Jen, soon to be "home"

Monday, October 6, 2014

Short Term Plans for Our Return to HS

Well, the boys' education is entirely my responsibility again.   I wish Blogger had that emoticon where the little person is running away waving their arms and screaming.  It is a bit how I feel right now, but as always with me, I don't wallow in panic before too long before I start making plans.  Now as my family would know it doesn't always mean the plans happen exactly as planned but I do stop waving my arms around and screaming.

For our short term plans that could be interrupted at any moment by packing a house, cleaning a house, a removalist truck arriving and then the icky job of unpacking boxes... well you get what I mean, my plan is to go through the maths books the boys have brought home from school and fill in the gaps. 

I intend to mark their work each day and make notes of concepts that they may not be getting for a few weeks.  Then I will focus for the rest of the year on making sure that any concepts that have been covered in this year's maths are solid.  For my youngest I will pull out his old Singapore Maths and just work him through it.  It won't go too fast for him and will be good review if he has already covered the concepts.

For language arts I will be focusing on handwriting (alphabet), finding out what they know about grammar using the ACE books for my eldest as a guideline, more handwriting (copywork), using some DK books for cloze exercises and getting them to do a journal for more handwriting (maybe?). 

I would love to do some little mini unit studies but I think I need to be realistic.  I don't want library books here when I start packing, and I don't want them on the computer all day long "researching".    Maybe do 2 short sessions of school a day, an hour or so before lunch and another hour or so after lunch.  Same things as above but just twice a day.  And if I don't get to the afternoon one because I am busy at least we covered the two main subjects in the morning.

Well, that is the plan.  See I feel better already.  :-)

Best wishes

Saturday, September 20, 2014

End of an Era and Back to Homeschool

The 3 younger boys finished school on Friday.  With us moving soon on a date yet to be decided I felt it best to have a nice neat and tidy finish date.  I cried.  This school time has been a great experience.  They have had some great experiences and made some good friends.  I think we are all sad to be going.

It was a great school.  The boys got to make great friends and learned what school/education is about.  No issues with the school, wonderful place with teachers who cared and enjoyed their work.  I do think my 9 year old could have been pushed a bit and the 12 year old could have been supported more but I understand the limitations of the system.  :-)  And they taught the 6 year old to read.  Yay, my least favourite part of homeschooling.  I would rather teach maths any day.

So, now as we are about to move I have pulled them out of school and in this last term I am going to find out where they are at.  Handwriting needs work (always did) and I want to check on their basic maths skills.  But somehow I also need to fit in a move too.  :-( 

Anyway I guess I am a little scared.  I didn't do so well last time I had them all home.  I know I had a strong willed 4 year old at the same time as a hormonal 14 year old and I had my grass allergies.  This time the kids are all older.  The teen is a reasonable person (apart from doing his school work), the 4 year old is now a more reasonable 6 year old and I have been having immunology shots that so far are working well.  Usually as the weather warms I would be flat out with sinus headaches.  Not a single one..yet.. touch wood. 

So things are looking good, but I am still quite nervous.  I missed so many things that then caused the middle two issues at school.  I don't want to do that again.

Ahh, big breath, keep packing boxes and keep hugging the boys.  That should cover all the necessities.  :-)

Best wishes

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Teaching more than just school stuff!

Good post to come back to!

Best wishes

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